~ School Days with Young Living Essential Oils ~

It’s THAT time of the year!! School has been back in session for a little while and the germ season is quicky approaching! I am over here feeling pretty good about it knowing that I’ve been supporting my school aged boys immune systems with Essential Oils! In addition to supporting our immune systems, we use oils for school time in other ways, too. I thought I’d post about how I use my oils with my kids throughout the school year. Kind of like “a day in the life” with oils – fun!

Morning: We start our mornings by diffusing peppermint & lemon as a nice invigorating wake up blend. They are happy oils and they work so well. I always feel so much better starting my day with diffusing.

Topically, I apply the “focus blend” to the feet and necks of my little school-bound guys.  The oils in this are Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Lavender and work wonders for their focus at school!  I also spray their book bags and their heads with a tea tree/lavender/water spray that I made to help keep any unwanted visitors from nesting in their hair;-)In addition – I apply a drop of thieves to the bottoms of their feet for immune system support.

I also keep little bottles of hand sanitizer in the car. I spray their hands right before going into the classroom, and as soon as they get home. I make my sanitizer with Thieves , Lemon, and water/witch hazel.

For me,  I apply Stress Away to my wrists and diffuse as needed. Because, life.

After School:
I  diffuse Brain Power or Geneyus before they get off the bus so that when they get home, we can jump right into homework mode.  I also re-apply the focus oils as well to give them additional support.

Bath & Bedtime:

We do lavender detox baths. At bedtime, I diffuse a combo of Thieves (for immune support and to get rid of any yuckies in the air) and also one or two sleepy oils like lavender, cedarwood or Peace & Calming.

Immunity Boosting:
If there is sickness around school, I have my immune system boosters ready to go!  Thieves, lemon, and purification for general immune system support.  I also have Digize and Peppermint for digestive support and RC  for respiratory system support.

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